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Austin's Top 10 BBQ by Mike Sutter - Fed Man Walking

OK, so this list has already been out a few months, but I love to collect them from wherever I find them.  Visit Mike Sutter's Fed Man Walking site to read the write-ups and view his Barbecue porn.  It’s a shame we won't get to review John's place, but he'll need to stay put for more than a year before we'll consider a visit.  He'll likely be back, and when he finally settles down somewhere, we'll come knocking.  

I'm sure our joints and rankings would be somewhat different, but there certainly seems to be general agreement about the top 2.  The Austin BBQ scene has changed dramatically over the past few years, and our last Central Texas Tour was in 2007.  

Will the Barbecue Tour return to Austin in 2014 Tour?  We'll see.


Austin's Top 10 BBQ
By Mike Sutter | Fed Man Walking | 08.08.12

  1. JMueller BBQ. (UPDATE: JMueller BBQ has closed).

  2. Franklin Barbecue.
  3. Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew.
  4. Mann’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.
  5. Live Oak Barbecue.
  6. Ruby’s BBQ.
  7. Bowie BBQ at Whole Foods Market.
  8. Texas Rib Kings.
  9. Sam’s Bar-B-Cue.
  10. Iron Works BBQ. 



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