That's my favorite thing about Texas, the barbecue.

— Scott Caan

Gaining clarity on the Dallas mini-tour

This morning:

  1. I recieved an email from a friend, saying that he wants to update me on his plans to install a pico-sized brewing system at his Lakewood home.
  2. Then I saw a notice that Lakewood Brewery is coming to Richardson to host a beer tasting in a couple of weeks.
  3. And finally, I found this handy guide of local (DFW) breweries and their tour operations/attractions (click headline below to be taken to the full article).

This all started me thinking about incorporating a local brewery (and maybe also a tap room for the end of the trail) into our planned Dallas mini-tour.  A few good barbecue joints, a brewery, and a tap room sounds like just the ticket! A beautiful day, this brewery guide, our list of DFW BBQ Tour targets, and a GPS.  That's all we need.  I'm getting hungry!



Get to know your DFW craft breweries by Brentney Hamilton - PegasusNews


Brentney's Guide contains:



See also: DIY craft beer culture bubbles over in Dallas-Fort Worth by Tiney Ricciardi - PegasusNews




Your BBQ tour is most welcome

Your BBQ tour is most welcome at our brewery!

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