Need no teef to eat my beef

— House Park Bar-B-Que

Sign, 900 w. 12th st., Austin, TX

What Does a Rodeo Clown Know About BBQ?

Big Smiths CounterDuring Day 2 of the 2001 Barbecue Tour, our caravan was meeting in Sulphur Springs and the first group arrived slightly ahead of time.  Members of this group were scouting for 'Ray's Bar-B-Que'... and maybe looking a bit lost.  K-Dawg was approached by a rodeo clown (in full costume - and with a teardrop on his cheek) and informed that if we were looking for barbecue, we should give 'Big Smith's' a try.

After the group assembled, we altered our plans and headed south to Big Smith's B-B-Q.  Danelle (our server) and "Big" Steve Smith (the owner) were gracious hosts, and welcomed us enthusiastically.  Danelle told us "this [barbecue] is going to be the best of the day!" And a table of four near the door said "You can stop your tour right here.  There's no need to go anywhere else for BBQ."  This place certainly had swagger.

Big Smiths CrewWe sat down to the Flintstone-sized beef rib, spare ribs, brisket, sausage, hot links, and pork.  All the meats were well-rendered and smoky.  We were happy -- See the smiles?

What we learned that day -- When a rodeo clown gives you advice about where to find good barbecue:  Listen.


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