Smoke Daddy's Review of Corkscrew BBQ


The moist brisket was so good that despite everything else proving a letdown, it still rates as a positive experience.  Yes, the brisket was THAT good!  The learning curve to get consistently good barbecue from an Oyler pit is steep... I hope Will Buckman can meet the challenge, but as of today he's still got some work to do.

Cathy and I drove directly from Dallas on Saturday, and arrived at Corkscrew BBQ just before 1pm.  I was worried that it was too late... but since were there, we decided to take our chances with the slow-moving line.  As we wait, I can't help but notice the J&R Oyler pit that stands alongside the BBQ pavilion... and although I can't remember the whole history off the top of my head, something tells me this is a new development here (Validated by JC Reid's Houston Chronicle article reporting that the new pit was installed in August 2014).  They run out of ribs while we are in line... darn.

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