Texans Barbecue Beef. These three words are often used to sum up the Texas barbecue experience. I understand why this knee-jerk explanation has become so popular: it reduces a long, complicated saga into a pat one-liner that no one can really disagree with. The true story of Texas barbecue is far more bewildering.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

Pit Downtown Barbecue

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Pit Downtown Barbecue
501 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-478-1166

The building this joint was in once belonged to Susannah Dickenson, a survivor of the Alamo and the structure was moved across the street and is now a museum. It's one of the oldest buildings in Austin.


From the Austin American Statesman:

The house once sat where the Hilton downtown now dwells. It was once encased inside the Pit, a barbecue restaurant, and was nearly demolished in 2000. Historians and city leaders wanted to save the home and its detached kitchen, so the Hilton's developer paid for the structures to be moved across the street to Brush Square.

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