I would a whole lot rather you taste the flavor of the meat before you put anything on it. Taste the time and energy that went into it.

— Sam Jones

Whole Hog Extravaganza and BBQ MBA Event 2013 via eatocracy.cnn.com

Short Sugars Pit Bar-B-Q

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Short Sugars Pit Bar-B-Q
1328 South Scales St
Reidsville, NC
Phone: 336-342-7487

Mon - Thu: 6a to 8p
Fri - Sat: 6a to 9p

Short Sugar's

Covered or mentioned in Bob Garner's Flavored by Time and Guide to North Carolina Barbecue; Real Barbecue: The Classic Barbeuce Guide to the Best Joints Across the USA; and Barbecue America: A Pilgrimage in Search of America's Best Barbecue

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