Texans Barbecue Beef. These three words are often used to sum up the Texas barbecue experience. I understand why this knee-jerk explanation has become so popular: it reduces a long, complicated saga into a pat one-liner that no one can really disagree with. The true story of Texas barbecue is far more bewildering.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

bkarau's Review of Miss Jeans Bar-B-Que

Weighted Overall

 Artwork starts you off right:

  • Framed picture of Nolan Ryan whipping Robin Ventura's ass, captioned, "This is Not a No-Hitter."
  • Large lithograph of the Duke

Sides and help are all great.  Meat is slightly creosoted.

bkarau's Review of Beer Barn and BBQ

Weighted Overall

 Awesome exterior.  Inside we have a single table, 2 broken chairs and a cooler to sit on.  So far, so good.

Super nice help and a good rib are the high points, everything else is average.

bkarau's Review of Smittys Bar-BQ

Weighted Overall

 Good looking joint of unknown lineage.  Meats range from slightly BA (sliced butt) to excellent (rib).  Sides are all good, except the peach cobbler, which was very light on flavor.  Great pit boss: cooking on a SP but should take a look at restarting the masonry pit.

bkarau's Review of Thompsons Barbecue‎

Weighted Overall

 This place looks suspiciously clean, but the help is super nice and happy to be Qin.

Meats are all very good and the grunchload of sides are great, topped by the wicked peach cobbler.

bkarau's Review of KB Bar B Que

Weighted Overall

 Nice setup in a converted Jiffy Lube type building.  Decor shows too much thought for a joint.  Friendly and cute staff and the nicest fork I've ever used in a joint.

Sides are typical and OK, but "Charlie" hit the meat very hard.  We aren't allowed to see the pits, so the cause is unclear.

bkarau's Review of Billys Old Fashion Barbecue‎

Weighted Overall

 Great blues tunes and a rambling shack on the hill.  Billy hits a live radio spot while we're in-store.  Salamander F's the meat by allowing them to sauce it.  Re-taste of the brisket is pretty rough.

Cooking on an offset with a number of problems, including draining the grease back into the fire.  

bkarau's Review of Hemphill BBQ‎

Weighted Overall

A real, ramshackle, roadside joint.  Chopping noise as we walk up is a good omen.

Ribs and chopped beef are excellent and the weakest meats are still above average.

Sides are great with the exception of the PS.  Nice bite on the sauce.

Cooking on a 1967 Oyler (made a year before the patent issued), but it operates like an offset with the controls disabled.

bkarau's Review of Smokehouse Bar B Que

Weighted Overall

Surprisingly, Wildman refuses to engage the drum kit inside.  A nice enough joint, but the offset is running without enough air and creosote is pervasive.

bkarau's Review of D M Barbeque

Weighted Overall

 This tiny roadside shack is easy to miss.  The dining area seats 6 in a major shrink of the original Sonny Bryan's in Dallas.

Miss Mary has the right attitude and cooks good Q on an old offset.  Sausage kicks ass and everything else is solid, especially the carrot cake to finish us off.  A great start to the 2nd day of the Piney Woods tour.

bkarau's Review of CCs Smokehouse

Weighted Overall

 The nice and chatty staff can't overcome the store-bought decor.  Creosote taints the meat; no surprise given the Oyler pit with 20 empty bottles of lighter fluid nearby.

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