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— Homer Simpson

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CCs Smokehouse

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CCs Smokehouse
2709 Westward Drive
Nacogdoches, TX 75964
Phone: (936) 462-8880

CCs Smokehouse

Smokin Js

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Smokin Js
Farm to Market 321
Montalba, TX
Phone: (903) 111-1111

Butt nekkid BBQ
Located at the intersection of Texas 19 and FM 321

10:30a-6:30p Th-Tu
Closed Wednesday

Smokin Js Close-up

bkarau's Review of Pitt Stop Bar-B-Que

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 Atmosphere bordering on the surreal and some fantastic sides counter a weak meat offering

bkarau's Review of Lufkin Bar-B-Q

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 Very nice joint with great staff

Love the drive thru

Real pits and good fire mgt shows on the awesome rib and sausage

Brisket suffers slightly from reheat process

Sides are pretty good

bkarau's Review of Stacys Bar-B-Q‎

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Nice family joint with writing all over the walls

Mustardy PS is stellar

Great rib and jalapeno sausage

bkarau's Review of Cripple Creek BBQ

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 Super nice staff and a cool pork shank appetizer.

Piney Woods Tour


BBQ Crew inside Lufkin BBQOur Piney Woods tour covered nearly 600 miles (plus the 225 back to Richardson when it was over).  We drove through three national forests: The Sabine and Angeline National Forests on Day 2; and The Davey Crockett National Forest on Day 3.  We found all manners of potato products: baked, smoked, twice-baked, mustard-based potato salad, mayo-based potato salad, tangy potato salad, sweet potato salad, etc... most of which were homeade.  Ribs were above average in this area, although sometimes at the expense of the brisket and sausage offerings.

Our visit to Lufkin Lanes during Rap DJ Night was quite fun, and bowling may become a staple of the Barbecue Tour on Friday nights form this point forward!

And when we reached the end of the Barbecue Trail, we headed over to a private lakehouse and proceeded to cool off in the lake and catch up with old friends!  It was THE BEST! 


More Austin Q News - JR's Corner Bar-B-Que is from the old school

This place is 3 blocks from my old house and 10 from my new one. Went there today. Sausage was superb. Brisket above average. Ribs average - probably because he re-warms them (see comment in story). I actually had a conversation with the owner several months back while he was renovating. Definitely the kind of old school guy we like. I will just have to ignore [censored by editor] his offspring (again, see story).

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