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crosen's Review of Leons BarBQ

Weighted Overall
  • Sauce: home-made vinegary, bourbon, spicy
  • Pork Loin: too dry to taste, choked it down
  • Overall: Very happy with the ribs, the rest of the food was average. The joint was a perfect example of a small town lunch stop. E

crosen's Review of Hammonds B-B-Q

Weighted Overall
  • Brisket: Great texture, tender, flavorful
  • Atmosphere: Red Barn, John Wayne and Pale Rider on wall. Small town folks inside. Mason Jars for drinks. Stayed open late just for us. Michael (7 year old) said the BBQ was great!

crosen's Review of Railhead Smokehouse

Weighted Overall
  • Sausage: It was cold, spicy, average meat/fat content, nothing special
  • Sauce: Tomato sauce bordering on Ketchup
  • Atmosphere: Stone building. San Antonio flare. Metal benches outside. Big Beer joint - With BBQ inside.

crosen's Review of Angelos

Weighted Overall
  • Sausage: Meaty, coarse grain, good casing, good spices
  • Sides: Cheddar cheese!
  • Overall: Meat overall was the best. I had to hold back.
  • Sauce: Tomato spicy sauce. Not needed anyway
  • Atmospher

crosen's Review of Holy Smokes

Weighted Overall
  • Pulled Pork: Had a funky taste
  • Spare Rib: Super tender, great spicy flavor
  • Brisket: Tender, spicy, tasty
  • Sausage: Putred
  • Sauce: Too much cumin & chili powder, red vinegar, too sweet

crosen's Review of North Main Bar Bq

Weighted Overall
  • Sausage: Not much flavor, a little fatty, tough casing
  • Brisket: Best Brisket yet! Great marbling, nice, mild, smoky flavor, a little firm
  • Atmosphere: Good Ol’ boy place inside.  They are serious about their BBQ.  Hav

crosen's Review of Jerrys BBQ

Weighted Overall
  • Overall: Solid food. Nothing was bad. Jerry (owner) had overall 100 hot sauces for sale. Jerry should be proud. Work on the ribs to get more tenderness.
  • Sausage: Casing was tough, meaty, mild flavor
  • Atmosphere: Tiny

dbarrow's Review of Railhead Smokehouse

Weighted Overall
  • Atmosphere: College hang out – cheap beer served in large schooners, very cold and a nice bar area. Lots of wood. Like the Coors Light sign with the longhorn blowing smoke out of his nostrils. Picture of Byron Nelson with Ben Hogan is a ni

crosen's Review of Sammies Bar-B-Q

Weighted Overall
  • Overall: Didn’t cook the meats very well (too hot). Need to treat their meats with more love.
  • Sauce: Personal sauce, too runny, liquid smoke, not much else
  • Bologna: Best I’ve ever had!
  • Spare Rib: Not ten

crosen's Review of Bobs Barbecue

Weighted Overall
  • Overall: None of the food impressed me. The shop was not memorable.
  • Atmosphere: Outdoor benches covered (good). It looks more like a market that a joint. Brown Brick. Definitely a meat market inside. Good Folk at Bob's.
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