I think it's fair to say Texas has more variations in its barbecue styles than any other state. And more disagreements about them.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

crosen's Review of Sonny Bryans Smokehouse

Weighted Overall
  • Brisket: Very tender, great flavor, nice marbling.
  • Spare Rib: Also tender, little extra fat, okay seasoning
  • Sausage: Very ordinary. Tastes like Bryan Sausage.
  • Atmosphere: It looks like the building coul

crosen's Review of Riverport Bbq

Weighted Overall
  • Ham: Tender, smoky & sweet (Awesome)
  • Brisket: Great texture, flavorful, not very smoky, mild
  • Spare Rib: Very tender, a little sweet, not much smoke, mild
  • Overall: Very, comfy place to park it and get a t

ssweeney's Review of Holy Smokes

Weighted Overall
  • Brisket: Firm, but moist. Pulls apart into small chunks. A bit chewy on the finish.
  • Atmosphere: In the urban sprawl of North Dallas. Has an interior decorator's touch… this is Dallas, after all. Its brand-spanking new, but with

crosen's Review of Outlaws Bar-B-Que

Weighted Overall
  • Sauce: Too vinegary, not enough tang. Doesn’t blend well.
  • Ham: Its ham
  • Overall: I like the place. The food kept us going during a long day. Owner showed us the pits. Old radio on top was a nice touch. Only sells po

dbarrow's Review of Bobs Barbecue

Weighted Overall
  • Sauce: Too spaghetti sauce like.
  • Atmosphere: Very brown exterior. Nice gazebo action, but they don’t like loitering. They got old fashioned cheese and they’re proud of it. This is more of a market than a restaurant. I like th

dbarrow's Review of Sonny Bryans Smokehouse

Weighted Overall
  • Spare Rib: nice and crusty with tender insides, but could be more tender and smoky.
  • Sauce: Pretty plain but nice presentation in the 7 oz. Corona bottles & served hot
  • Sausage: nothing fancy here, but good texture and

bkarau's Review of Sonny Bryans Smokehouse

Weighted Overall
  • Atmosphere: Surrounded by scalding black asphalt at 10:30 am - nice. The structure is a model of marginal capital expansion - everything is grafted (poorly) onto the concrete block base. I love the schoolroom seating. ZZ Top comes on the r

crosen's Review of Neelys Brown Pig Barbecue

Weighted Overall
  • Brisket: Tastes like soft wood.
  • Pork Loin: Very bland, a little tender.
  • Overall: This just didn’t make the grade. Quite worthless. The waitress warned us, “It might not be a good day”. The cook said, “I cook it, but

crosen's Review of Big Smiths Bar-B-Q

Weighted Overall
  • Beef Rib: A little fatty, very flavorful, meat melts in mouth
  • Sausage: Too much smoke
  • Overall: Food was good, not great. I liked the ambiance. Deep fat fryer was a negative. Owner said, “If I ran out of food, I’d get

dbarrow's Review of Hickory Fare Bar-B-Que

Weighted Overall
  • Sides: BBQ beans are very tasty, but the rest are not worth mentioning, but they are respectable.
  • Spare Rib: Smoked all the way through and the hickory flavor just comes right out and hits you. Not tender enough but GREAT flavor
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