I won't even sell somebody a barbecue unless they get cole slaw. If they want a barbecue and they don't want cole slaw, there's something wrong with that person.  It all goes together. You've got to have cole slaw and hush puppies with barbecue.

— Wilber Shirley

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Brothers Bar Bq

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:Brothers Whole Crew

  • Cabrito - Oh, this is GOOD! It makes up for the cabrito disaster across the street at Coopers.  The texture is somewhat coarse, but the meat just melts in the mouth...
  • Rib - Got the end of the rack again.  There's still alot of meat on the bone.  Coarse texture with a bit of chew... then magically this flavoful, buttery rib melts in your mouth (that's twice I've written 'melts in your mouth' in the same review).
  • Brisket - Tough & Lean.  Mesquite grilled?
  • Pork Chop - Fatty cut of chop, but the flavor and texture remind me of the rib!
  • Sausage - Very firm .  Nicely spiced with a bit of heat on the finish.  Better than Coopers, but the spice profile is not my preference.Brothers Crew
  • Hot sausage - Oh, now this is how I like it!  Spicy goodness here.  Both sausages are sourced from Hudson's in Austin.
  • Sirloin - Tough.  Need a chainsaw.
  • Pork Steak - Pretty much like the sirloin.


Smoke Daddy's Review of Coopers Barbeque

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:Coopers Big Chops (Double-Boners)

  • Chop - Oh, man.  Here we go again... another gargantuan pork chop.  Wow, this is a great chop!  Juicy and flavorful - total winner here.
  • Brisket - Nice flavors here.  Cooked directly over mesquite coals... I like it.
  • Sirloin - Mmmmmmmm. The texture is like velvet... it just melts in your mouth.  Again, great flavor.
  • Rib - Too heavy on the salty rub, but the flavor of the meat is good.  However, this rib is tough and chewy.
  • Sausage - Eckrich from the grocery?
  • Cabrito - Overcooked.  Not completely dried out, but close.  A shame.Dbl-Boner at Coopers Retort


Smoke Daddy's Review of Burnet County Bar-B-Que

Weighted Overall

<<Note: It looks like this business has changed hands since our visit. As of Jan 2013, it is listed as "Bar-B-Q Shak" run by Robert and Penny Payne.>>

MAIN FARE:Burnet County Crew

  • Brisket - Nice smoke ring. Good texture with the fat melting into the meat (fully rendered). Moist... this is good!
  • Rib - End rib... how is it that I always get stuck with the end of the rack??? Dry and chewy. Good flavor here on a smoky rib, but even that cannot rescue this one.
  • Sausage - Elgin hots. Man they do good things with this sausage! It is not made here, but I like it better than at Southside Market.


Smoke Daddy's Review of Inmans Ranch House Bar-B-Q

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:Inmans Ranch House Kitchen

  • Moist/Fatty Brisket - This is a good slice-o-brisket! Very flavorful... fat has rendered and makes this mighty tasty.
  • Lean Brisket - Nice texture.  Good flavor. It is tender, but with a bit of a chew on the finish.
  • Turkey Sausage <<not rated>> - Firm and tightly packed. 100%  boneless, skinless turkey used here.  Nicely seasoned but very mild.  Good pink ring around the outside. Why no rating? See Criteria for true Barbecue on this page.


Smoke Daddy's Review of Cartwrights Bar-B-Q

Weighted Overall

<<Note: Cartwright's has closed>>

MAIN FARE:T-Bone pointing out a very important date at Cartwrights

  • Brisket - Nice flavor & good texture, but maybe a little dry.  Good.
  • Ribs - very smoky. Tender and pulls off the bone.  A little chewy.
  • Pork Loin - Nice color & smoke ring.  Tender.  Gosh, this is good meat (only pork loin so far this year).
  • Sausage - Not much 'snap' to the casing, but good texture inside and nice spice.


Gaining clarity on the Dallas mini-tour

This morning:

  1. I recieved an email from a friend, saying that he wants to update me on his plans to install a pico-sized brewing system at his Lakewood home.
  2. Then I saw a notice that Lakewood Brewery is coming to Richardson to host a beer tasting in a couple of weeks.
  3. And finally, I found this handy guide of local (DFW) breweries and their tour operations/attractions (click headline below to be taken to the full article).

This all started me thinking about incorporating a local brewery (and maybe also a tap room for the end of the trail) into our planned Dallas mini-tour.  A few good barbecue joints, a brewery, and a tap room sounds like just the ticket! A beautiful day, this brewery guide, our list of DFW BBQ Tour targets, and a GPS.  That's all we need.  I'm getting hungry!



Get to know your DFW craft breweries by Brentney Hamilton - PegasusNews


Brentney's Guide contains:

Smoke Daddy's Review of Smittys Market

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:Smittys Crew

  • Pork Chop - Oh my.  Juicy.  Good flavor.  On par with Kreuz: Better up front, but meat is a little chewy on the finish.
  • Lean - Very good, but maybe a bit too firm today (similar to Mueller's)?
  • Moist/Fatty - Marbled mix of meat and fat. Better than Kreuz.
  • Sausage - Good flavor, but insides are "mushy".


Smoke Daddy's Review of City Market

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:Terri with the coldest Shiner of the tour at City Market

  • Ribs - What can I say?  These are GREAT ribs... maybe best of the tour!  Outstanding.
  • Brisket - Lean.  Got an end piece... kinda like burnt ends.  Still good.  Lots of flavor in this meat .  Tried again and it was better, but not up to their highest standard.
  • Sausage - Good flavor here... mild.  A bit greasy today and the casing was tough.  


Austin's Top 10 BBQ by Mike Sutter - Fed Man Walking

OK, so this list has already been out a few months, but I love to collect them from wherever I find them.  Visit Mike Sutter's Fed Man Walking site to read the write-ups and view his Barbecue porn.  It’s a shame we won't get to review John's place, but he'll need to stay put for more than a year before we'll consider a visit.

Smoke Daddy's Review of Kreuz Market - New

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:Kreuz Entrance

  • Fatty - A little tough today... even when compared to the lean.  Great flavor, though.
  • Lean - Damn, that's the best lean so far -- and may be the best overall.  Outstanding!
  • Sausage - Really good flavor here, with a nice delayed spice effect.  Casing is very firm, but the texture  of the meat is 'soft' on the inside.
  • Prime Rib - Fabulous! Man, this is good stuff!
  • Pork - Moist, tender, and good.


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