I drink to the general joy of the whole table.

— William Shakespeare

ssweeney's Review of Little Richards Bar-B-Que

Main Fare:

  • Sliced has a velvet texture, and the meat melts in your mouth.  Tender.  Fresh.  Juicy.  Smokey.
  • Course chopped is completely rendered.  Falling apart tender and juicy.  Good smoke flavor.

Other Fare:

  • Pups are fresh, hot, & fluffy - with bits of onion.  Good pups!
  • Slaw is vinegar-based... we're baaack.  Lexington style with a "zing".  Nicely done.  Very fine chop.  This would be great on the chop sandwich!
  • Dip is very tasty and good.
  • Potato salad is fresh.  A little bland for my tastes, but definitely fresh.
  • Banana pudding is good, standard fare.


  • Good drive-up appeal
  • Jumpin' music on the jukebox
  • Nostalgic, tobacco-centric decor
  • Dining room is not big, but they move alot of people through here
  • Great food in a modest, comfortable setting - this is a winning combination!
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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