I'm not saying that I haven't found spectacular plates of barbecue during my travels. I have. But the standouts were few and far between, and all of 'em at places that still cook exclusively with wood.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

bkarau's Review of Austins Bar-B-Que

  • Potato Salad: Regular: Pickles, dill, mayo, mustard. OK composition.
  • Beans: Pintos: Remarkably firm for end-of-day. Bland.
  • Sausage: Best on tour. Chunky, but firm. Good casing - not too tough, but distinct from meat. Coarse grind.
  • Atmosphere: Large pecan pile - huge cuts. Cooking on towed pits. Tiny walk-up counter, with picnic tables in cage on side. Butcher paper service. Dead animal head within 10'
  • Spare Rib: Good bark and flavor. Tiny bit chewey. Must be pulled from bone - leaving hangers.
  • Sauce: Tomatoey - flavorfull, but mild. Simple and good.
  • Brisket: Could be best of the 2002 tour. Crosscut, tender. Melts away. Firm and fatty at the same time. Wonderful.
  • Potato Salad: German. Soft taters with butter and vinegar.
  • Dessert: Free dessert!. Brownie was awesome. Thin, soft, melts. Coconut cream pie was good, too. Score based on the brownie.
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