There rarely seems to be a correlation between barbecue competition prowess and great restaurant barbecue

— Daniel Vaughn

Full Custom Gospel BBQ

bkarau's Review of Grand Prize BBQ

  • Potato Salad: Standard. Strong on the dill. OK
  • Beans: Pintos: Slightly overcooked. Hot hang time
  • Atmosphere: Most of the clientele is wearing coveralls with a name patch. Good memorabilia - an oil derrick in front. But this is an ex-seafood joint, with multiple portholes and seafood on the sign.
  • Brisket: A good standup. Firm, medium ring, and crosscut. Some of it is cut too thin and dried out quickly
  • Sausage: Good casing. Peppery. Texture OK. Slightly homogeneous.
  • Coleslaw: medium-fine cut and cabbagey flavor. Sauce is not a factor. Pretty good.
  • Spare Rib: Good firmness and ring, but greasy. Clean pull. Weak bark prevents a higher rating.
  • Sauce: Very thick. Liquid smoke. Good moderate burn.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: