...saying that labor costs can be held down by not having it cooked slowly over a wood fire by a sullen man with a squint was like saying that a symphony orchestra would be cheaper without the violins.

— Calvin Trillin

Feeding a Yen

bkarau's Review of Leons BarBQ

  • Beef: Again, sliced too thin to stand by itself.
  • Coleslaw: Kind od runny but good - does not offend. Grayish tint.
  • Potato Salad: Good. Not too runny, mustardy, or creamy. Nice heterogeneous texture.
  • Sauce: Teriffic. Sweet and spicy. Made from scratch.
  • Pork Loin: Thin sliced - we should have had it in a sandwich as it dries and cools very quickly.
  • Sausage: Good but not spectaular. Firm and sweet, but not too tough.
  • Atmosphere: Converted gas station in the right part of town. Donuts nextdoor. Pits are low brick ala Kreuz - the new one is 25 years old. Very nice help (Brandon). Inside is incredibly cramped with swivel seats facing the wall and good stains throughout. God, I'm hungover.
  • Beans: Baked - these are smoked! Too mushy for me but very good flavor.
  • Spare Rib: Great spicy bark, almost falling off the bone. Hard to stop eating but today is a marathon.
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