Life is too short for a half-rack.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

bkarau's Review of Pizzitolas Bar-B-Cue

  • Sauce: Warm and ketchupy. We think it is Spaghetti-Os juice
  • Dessert: Bananna pudding: nice, but a bit lightweight.
  • Potato Salad: OK. A bit bland.
  • Spare Rib: Very firm - sticks to bone (boiled?). Very salty rub.
  • Brisket: Chewy, with little smoke flavor.
  • Sausage: Good texture, but a bit bland.
  • Coleslaw: Good leaf but bland. Very thin sauce.
  • Beans: Pinto: Tastes like soup - pretty good soup, though!
  • Atmosphere: GOOD: Nice pile of hickory. Lots of firearms on the walls. Low, stained suspended ceiling. Packed. Cool handouts with history. Special attention during a busy hour. Waitress is a cutie for her age.

    BAD: Tons of aTm crap. More of a restaurant than a joint.

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