I drink to the general joy of the whole table.

— William Shakespeare

dbarrow2's Review of Goode Co Barbeque

  • Overall: If you like ass step right up and smell the rear pal.
  • Sausage: Wow, I will give the jalapeno sausage a whopping 2 just because I am tired of sitting here and ready to get to our next stop the Ginger Man over in West U.
  • Sausage: The Czech sausage has the old ass flare and looks like lunchmeat. Westfield High School served a better mystery sausage on rainy days.
  • Rub: The rubs have absolutely no taste unless you like the taste of ASS. Don't answer that Craig.
  • Quotable: Once again I vow not to eat here if I would like good barbecue from a bad company.
  • Brisket: Brisket smoked on pecan wood had a nice flavor but a little too smokey for me.
  • Dessert: A saving grace was the very delicious pecan pie that was blended with chocolate and very creamy.
  • Spare Rib: The last 2 times I have eaten here I have threatened not to pay and after eating a rib I can remember why. No taste brutha!
  • Beans: Finally some spice in a weird medley they like to call Austin Baked Beans full of potato’s, peppers, meat, apples and beans.
    The pinto beans have some spice to them as well.
  • Atmosphere: Waiting in line was okay until we went to check out and had to wait 5 minutes for the guy to get off the phone.
    Very large variety on the menu here and my first cold beer of the day. It has a nice pile of wood outside that gives it nice curb appeal but does not help them cook any good slabs of meat.
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