I think it's fair to say Texas has more variations in its barbecue styles than any other state. And more disagreements about them.

— Robb Walsh

Legends of Texas Barbecue

dbarrow2's Review of Scotts Barbecue

  • Brisket: The brisket had some nice flavor and was almost a mix between fatty and lean. They were a wee bit chewy.
  • Quotable: Any of you boys single because I have a daughter that might be interested in some of you college educated type. By the way Scott is she still available because I am once again on the prowl baby!!
  • Spare Rib: Ribs had some nice spice to them. I knew when my ride along young rookie partner for the day Connor spit it out quickly, it was going to be just to my liking. The rub on the ribs was a little salty for me but they had excellent flavor.
  • Sausage: Sausage looked and felt great. It was very firm with plenty of moisture.
  • Coleslaw: Cole slaw is very stringy with too much vinegar or something in it.
  • Beans: The beans have a nice full thickness to them but contain no spice or flavor. With some added pepper they would be very tasteful.
  • Atmosphere: The HardTack Café burned down a few years back so we were instructed by the quite little filly at the Texaco and one of the local customers to head down the street to Scott’s.
    One entire side of the building has a Muriel of the Hardtack Café containing old western scenes with cowboys, horses, and the cook with his wagon standing over the fire.
    A nice looking cow head with flag painted on it adds a nice touch.
    The lack of a/c for a hot summer day in south Texas was somewhat discomforting.
    They have been in business since 74’. Scott cooks on live oak over an open pit.
    Scott owned Hardtack and when it burned down he opened up this swanky joint.
  • Sauce: Now for the winner of the place the sauce. The sauce is exactly what I look for in a sauce. It is very similar to Brian’s with a little less sweetness and a touch more kick booty!
  • Potato Salad: Back to the chunky potato salad with green and red peppers and some mustard.
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