This whole place is filled with double boners!

— K-Dawg

Coopers Bar B Q, Llano, 2000 Central Texas Tour

dbarrow's Review of Carters Bar-B-Que

  • Atmosphere: Big wood pile right in front but why is the building painted white? Looks like an old gas station. Good smells coming out the front door. In fact, the pit is right inside and the vent pipe doesn’t fully connect so there’s smoke everywhere inside and it’s hot. Had to wait a long time for our grub.
  • Atmosphere: Wish they would have had some sliced brisket, that could have raised the bar for the whole trip
  • Potato Salad: Has some weird shit in it, can’t figure it out but I wish it wasn’t in there.
  • Sausage: Fair amount of heat and good texture. Solid piece o’ meat, best sausage of the day.
  • Spare Rib: That’s good shit!! Falls off the bone and nice crunchy exterior.
  • Chopped: They are out of the sliced brisket, bummer. Hard to compare, but it’s mighty tasty.
  • Boudin: Too much rice and stuff other than meat.
  • Sauce: Very nice!! Little bit sweet, little bit o’ twang and a little bit o’ spice. Very nicely balanced.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: