Mmmm... Barbecue

— Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

dbarrow's Review of Joes Barbeque Co

  • Beef Rib: Very nice, with good flavor. Tender and tastey.
  • Dessert: Peach and cherry to choose from. Can't go wrong with either.
  • Sauce: KC Masterpiece, very commercial tasting.
  • Coleslaw: Standard fair, but better than average.
  • Potato Salad: Standard mustard based fair, but better than average.
  • Beans: Funky flavor that I don't care for.
  • Brisket: Thinly sliced and lean with good smoke flavor
  • Atmosphere: Big barn-like structure with longhorn over entrance. They also handle flowers, candles, and weddings. Advertisements laminated into table tops - very bad!! Four good size pictures of Nolan Ryan playing for 4 different teams & all were signed!!
  • Sausage: Nice and greasey with a fair amount of spice, but too firm for my liking.
  • Spare Rib: Tastes Rotisserie-like. Meat is kind of tough and not much flavor other than smoke. No rub to speak of.
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