Smoke is mysterious, fire is uncertain, and pit men are expensive. So the mystery, uncertainty, and expense of taking the chance to make great barbecue is being replaced by the quantifiable methods of always making pretty good 'cue.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

dbarrow's Review of Lyndons Pit BBQ

  • Overall: The only thing this joint has going for it is the ice cold beer that is cheap and big!
  • Atmosphere: Very commercial. Texas license plates, hubcaps, farm implements. Classic basketball on TV. Red and white checkered tablecloths. They have shiner on tap!
  • Brisket: Very tender, beautiful smoke ring, but something off on the taste.
  • Sausage: Very tender, flakes off in nice chunks. Good amount of sage in the meat. Nicely done.
  • Pulled Pork: All shredded up and stringy. Too mushy for me.
  • Potato Salad: Mustard based with good chunks of potatoes and red onions.
  • Coleslaw: Mayo based and shredded nastiness - YUCK!
  • Sauce: No spice whatsoever! This is ketchup and vinegar mixed together - why bother.
  • Spare Rib: Skin separates from the meat. Kind of dry and stringy, not consistent.
  • Sides: Corn mixture with green peppers and cream based is nice.
  • Beans: Lots of green pepper flavor with onions and bacon. Too much green pepper for my taste.
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