There's not much point in complaining about high-tech barbecue. It serves a purpose, and it's here to stay. And no doubt the quality of it will keep on improving. But as the old barbecue joints slowly disappear, each one that remains becomes a bigger treasure.

— Robb Walsh

The Art of Smoke, originally published in The Houston Press

dbarrow's Review of Sammies Bar-B-Q

  • Sausage: Too plain, tough casing. Jody says it has elbows and beaks.
  • Sauce: Very interesting. Personalized sauce jars, with Worcestershire base – good heat.
  • Sides: Slaw is very vinegary, tater salad is interesting and tasty, ranch beans are fine.
  • Loin Back Rib: Baby backs are not tender, but good smoke action. No rub on these puppies.
  • Atmosphere: Excellent location, right on the creek. The waitress (Jamie) wants to go with us after we explained what we were doing. Lots of beer signs around. Love the deck area by the creek. I could spend a lot of time out here. Pits are nice, but this place is interested in quantity not quality, cook at too high a temperature to produce quality Q.
  • Brisket: Very tough, decent flavor with a nice smoke ring.
  • Bologna: Best bologna I’ve ever had.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: