Were I to recommend Louie Mueller's to a stranger, I would tell him it is a Texas tradition.  It's as Texas as the State Capitol... You need to go there even if you are a vegetarian.

— John Raven (aka Daredevil Bad McFad)

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dbarrow's Review of Sonny Bryans Smokehouse

  • Spare Rib: nice and crusty with tender insides, but could be more tender and smoky.
  • Sauce: Pretty plain but nice presentation in the 7 oz. Corona bottles & served hot
  • Sausage: nothing fancy here, but good texture and a fair amount of spice, but not good enough.
  • Brisket: very tender, but I miss the smoke ring (they didn’t cut it with that nice crusty edge). Flavor isn’t smoky enough for my likes but it does have that melt in your mouth quality. Best item they have.
  • Atmosphere: This place has been around & is DEFINITELY NOT one of the “chain” locations. I’m sitting in a school desk – oh the memories. Lots of memorabilia to include a Pearl Beer sign with a cowboy and lasso and what about the signed photograph of the Oak Ridge Boys. Of course, the Shiner Bock sign as well. Good smell – definitely a JOINT, woodpile and all. I’m drinking a Pearly – and it’s GOOD! Lots of ZZ on the juke!!
  • Sides: this was obviously an afterthought, these suck – all of them – beans, slaw & tater salad.
Main Fare: 
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