Good times are always associated with barbecue... It's the only product that I know that gives you that feeling. Takes you into a natural high. When something great happens, somebody'll say, 'Let's barbecue.' Because it brings happiness.

— Ed Mitchell

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

jlandwermeyer's Review of Mustang Creek BBQ

  • Beans: Spicey, flavorful. Be sure to have a beer in one hand.
  • Brisket: Dry, but flavorful
  • Coleslaw: Actually good. A rare find.
  • Beef Rib: Melts in your mouth. I was too busy eating to write much about this place!
  • Atmosphere: Watch for the highway sign reading 'Ganado 6/Victoria 40' 'cause there is no sign for this joint. 55-gallon trash cans at the exit says it all: No pretenses here. The gals waiting tables have probably moved away from home by now, so if you came for anything other than great Q, you're in the wrong place!
  • Pork Roast: Melts in your mouth
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