Food should be fun.

— Thomas Keller

Smoke Daddy's Review of Austins Bar-B-Que

MAIN FARE:Austins Crew

  • Spare Rib: Good meat/smoke balance. Some bites are tender and juicy, while others are a little chewy.
  • Sausage: Course ground; meaty blend. Black pepper is well-balanced. Good!
  • Brisket: This is good stuff. Great flavor. Lean, but still tender. Maybe a tad dry - but they held it for us. The salt in the rub is well-balanced, and enhances the beef flavor.


  • Sauce: Sweet & Tangy; ketchup-based sauce.
  • Dessert: Excellent dessert choices... Since they were closing up for the weekend, the nice lady behind the counter offered us some free samples (she insisted that otherwise they'd just be thrown away). Twist our arms! Yum!
  • Sides: PS is a creamy mustard mix with onions and pickles. They also offer a German PS, which I think is better than their regular variety. Beans are standard pintos.


  • Converted gas station. Their pits are on wheels, and they push them into the service bays when its time to close up shop.
  • Service area is tiny, and there are just a couple of picnic tables outside (surrounded by a chain link fence).
  • We really enjoyed the drive… first time we've felt like we were out of the city or off the major freeways.

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