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— Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn

Smoke Daddy's Review of Bobs Smokehouse


<<Update: Apparently the joint struggled after the death of Bob Wells in 1999, but managed to stay open through our visit.  It eventually closed in 2003, but re-opened as "The Smokehouse" under new owners , the Limon family.  Kitchen staff initially remained intact.>>

MAIN FARE:Bobs Smokehouse Spread1

  • Brisket - Cut includes both fatty and lean portions; nicely done. Good bark/crust, although there's not much flavor in the rub.  Mesquite makes its presence known!
  • Spare Rib - Mesquite is strongest here.  My rib fell off the bone, was fully rendered, and the meat had good texture. Too much mesquite??
  • Hot Link - Loosely packed casing; fall-apart messy meat -- reminds me of Drexler's (Houston). This hot link is very good in this unique style!
  • Beef Rib - Mesquite! Very flavorful... but unfortunately, tough.
  • Lamb - This rib's rich meat reminds me of Sam's mutton (in Austin). Outside is firm and crusty, but you're rewarded if you work through it.


Bobs Smokehouse Pit

  • Potato Salad - green peppers add crunch to tater salad
  • Beans are good but still a little crunchy.
  • Sauce - Velvet smooth with a good kick on the finish (cayenne). Good for dipping; good w/pork rib; but tastes like ketchup with beef.


  • Been around 31 years.
  • Use mesquite to smoke using inside/outside pits.Bobs Smokehouse Firebox
  • Inside you'll find pass-through window serving area and a modest dining room... no windows in this place!


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