The more I think about barbecue, the more I start thinking that it’s one of our most important road food traditions.  The reason that it remains vital, besides the fact it’s good, is that it cannot be tamed.  It can’t be gotten out of a can; it can’t be frozen ahead.  BBQ doesn’t negotiate, and it suffers fools badly.  Barbecue requires time, smoke, and above all, skill.  Which is why attempts to corporatize it ultimately fail.

— Alton Brown

Feasting on Asphalt, Episode 2 - I Smell Pork

Smoke Daddy's Review of Bun N Barrel


MAIN FARE:Bun-n-Barrel Spread

  • Sausage - Nice (from Mertz) - medium grind and packed with great flavors... I keep coming back to the sausage; its good!
  • Spare Rib - Somewhat tough & chewy, but flavorful. Not too greasy... good smoke flavor.
  • Beef Clod - Great smoke! Nice texture; juicy with good layer of fat for extra flavor.


  • Potato Salad - Good soft taters; nice.
  • Beans - nice texture and good flavors (especially for first thing in the morning).

ATMOSPHERE:Bun-n-Barrel Pit2

  • Carlos has been here 51 years, and gives a great tour!
  • Bonus points for 'real pit BBQ' inside the city limits.
  • They use oak to smoke shoulder clod overnight.
  • We got a great tour from Carlos... who also likes to explore 'true bbq' in his spare time.
  • This drive-in bbq joint has great history - I like it!!!

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