Were I to recommend Louie Mueller's to a stranger, I would tell him it is a Texas tradition.  It's as Texas as the State Capitol... You need to go there even if you are a vegetarian.

— John Raven (aka Daredevil Bad McFad)

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Smoke Daddy's Review of Goss Store


<<Update: RIP Luther Fleming Goss May 5, 1916 - April 30, 2009.  As of 2010, I believe the store had been turned into a restaurant.>>

MAIN FARE:Goss Store Spread

  • Brisket: Fatty cut is GREAT! Rub is not as prevalent here, but the meat has a good smoke/meat balance.
  • Spare Rib: Finally a rub with some spice! Very nice. I'm knawing at the rib to get all the meat off... keep coming back.
  • Sausage: There's some pork in this sausage... flavorful! Pork/Beef mix from Shiner, TX.


  • Sauce: Sweet sauce with a bit of spice on the finish.

ATMOSPHERE:Goss Store Crew

  • Heres a true 'joint'!
  • Fleming Goss runs this machine shop, convenience store, and BBQ... right next to the Belmont Post Office.
  • Has A/C in the dining room only.
  • Mr. Goss cooks with mesquite, oak, or whatever he's got.
  • He's expecting us, and provides a nice tour of his pit area.

Goss Store Order WindowBelmont Social Club (Goss Store Dining Room)Goss Store Pit


Main Fare: 
Other Fare: