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Peace, Love, and Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Hickory Fare Bar-B-Que

  • Hickory Fare CrewAtmosphere: The owner, Bruce, was a nice guy - real interested and friendly! Talkin' Q... He showed off his pits (pride & joy). They were 21 and 22 years old, respectively. This is abarbecue restaurant with red-checked tableclothes. It even has a drive-thru. A little too nice to classify as a 'joint', but I'd definitely stop here again.
  • Spare Rib: Wow! The hickory really comes through - crispy exterior, but the meat almost melts when it breaks up. Great flavor!!! Doesn't quite fall off the bone, which makes this a very good rib!
  • Sides: Slaw was fresh and crisp, not fancy. Baked beans were sweet... Lotsa brown sugar in these. Pintos were beefy, with some spice. PS was mustard-based, but creamy textured. A solid peformance.
  • Brisket: Got some fresh at the pit. Hickory gives the meat a sweet flavor. This brisket shreds and hangs together loosely. Good meat/fat balance, but it didn't all melt together.
  • Sauce: Sauce is sweet... more sugar here. We have definitely arrived in East Texas!
  • Rub: Very light rub - not overpowering. Probably just a mix of salt & pepper.
  • Sausage: A courser grind - I like the texture better than Sonny Bryan's. Flavor is good from the meat, but not much spice.

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