Though the years, here's what I've learned:  Barbecue soothes the soul.  It's simple in philosophy and rich in tradition.  It's an art and a craft, a love and a passion.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

Smoke Daddy's Review of Hinzes Bar-B-Que

  • Hinzes CrewAtmosphere: Good place. They have their own exit on northbound 59. Parking corral outside. Steady business, even at 2pm. Pecan trees growing through the building.
  • Brisket: Nice smoke ring. Good bark -- rub blends well with the meat. Texture is a bit chewy, but it melts away as you chew. Very good!
  • Spare Rib: Black pepper evident in rub. Meat is chewy and must be pulled away from the bone. Great smoke flavor.
  • Sausage: Medium grind and packed tight. Casing is a little tough, but the sausage has a good meaty flavor.
  • Sides: PS is mush... but a GOOD mush (with x-tra onion). Beans are fairly average pintos. CS is vinegar-based without too much tang.. and some sweetness is evident.
  • Sauce: Very good! I like it.
  • Quotable: 'I like it when I bite into a piece of sausage and the juice squirts Rosen.' - Dbl Boner

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