This whole place is filled with double boners!

— K-Dawg

Coopers Bar B Q, Llano, 2000 Central Texas Tour

Smoke Daddy's Review of Mkt BBQ and Fresh Meats

MAIN FARE:The Market Spread

  • Sausage - Good, beefy. Made on-premise. Loose ground & packed. Not greasy, but still flavorful.
  • Spare Rib -  We called in advance and asked them to hold some ribs for us... Good rib! Nice texture and flavor; a little salty... its the rub, but not overpowering.


  • Potato Salad - Fairly standard; nice, but bland.The Market Service Counter
  • Sauce - Good, sweet... but no spice. Good on rib, but not on sausage.


  • Meat market in front of building is no longer functioning.
  • New owner has added the side items (Smolik's was just the meats).
  • Karnes City was hit pretty hard by Claudette, and the storm repair workers ate all the brisket before we arrived.The Market Smokehouse
  • Butcher paper and styrofoam... with 'RollNap' napking dispenser; nice!
  • No tour due to extensive storm damage on the side and rear of the joint.

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Main Fare: 
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