Were I to recommend Louie Mueller's to a stranger, I would tell him it is a Texas tradition.  It's as Texas as the State Capitol... You need to go there even if you are a vegetarian.

— John Raven (aka Daredevil Bad McFad)

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Smoke Daddy's Review of Scotts Barbecue

  • Scotts PitSausage: Firm and chunky. Not quite as full of flavor as expected, but good. Black pepper balance is good.
  • Spare Rib: Salty rub comes through on the ribs. Juicy & greasy with loads of flavor! Have to tug to get the meat off the bone, and the meat is firm.
  • Brisket: Firm, but different. This is MOIST! Thicker slice is good... if maybe just a bit chewy. Very little spice detected in rub.
  • Atmosphere: Hardtack burned, so we came down the street to Scott's. Only to find out that Scott WAS Hardtack (and still has the sign to prove it). Small front room with a down-home feel. Cooking with live oak.
  • Sides: PS is mustard-based and good, although somewhat bland. CS is crunchy with a thin, creamy sauce... good. Beans are soft and have good thick gravy, but not enough beef flavor.

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