Mmmm... Beer

— Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

ssweeney's Review of Angelos

  • Potato Salad: OK
  • Quotable: 'This place makes me comfortable and happy.' -- Jody Justus
  • Quotable: 'I could make a snowball with all of the frost on this schooner.' -- The Doctor
  • Atmosphere: Ceiling fans, diverse crowd, dead animals. Busy, busy -- but big; didn't seem crowded. Our brisket cut fresh from the fatty end. Smoking with hickory.
  • Coleslaw: Very good. Poppy seed, creamy & crisp!
  • Sauce: Light; made to compliment, not cover.
  • Braunschweiger: Good
  • Sausage: Polish. Skin not tough; good spice - very nice. Only polish on the tour?
  • Brisket: Fatty = flavor. This is good!!! Shreds when pulled; nice bit of spice in the rub.
  • Spare Rib: Coming off the bone; fat has melted into the meat. A little chewy, though.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: