Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song.

— Jason Zebehazy

ssweeney's Review of Buzzies BBQ

  • Beans: Good flavor... beefy. Good texture - not crunchy or mushy. And nice spice on the finish. Very good!
  • Spare Rib: Firm meat... a little chewy. And maybe a bit of 'funk' to the meat.
  • Sausage: Firmly packed. Skinny sausage. Black pepper evident on finish.
  • Brisket: Nice. Another fall-apart brisket. Sliced thin. Good flavor - they left a little fat on top of the slice. Fairly smokey, but has a thin smoke ring?
  • Atmosphere: Good outward appearance... historic building? Texas flag incorporated into the logo. Bluegrass band playing tunes as we walk inside. Plenty of dead animals on the walls, plus a picture of 'The Duke'. Nice folks; comfortable place.
  • Potato Salad: Mustard-based style, with nice spices and some pickle juice? Very nicely done.
  • Sauce: Thin, sweet, & tangy. Good... and it doesn't cover the meat flavor.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: