There's not much point in complaining about high-tech barbecue. It serves a purpose, and it's here to stay. And no doubt the quality of it will keep on improving. But as the old barbecue joints slowly disappear, each one that remains becomes a bigger treasure.

— Robb Walsh

The Art of Smoke, originally published in The Houston Press

ssweeney's Review of Casstevens Cash and Carry

  • Potato Salad: Mustard-based… very mustardy, indeed. With dill.
  • Coleslaw: Mayo based slaw; standard fare.
  • Brisket: Brisket is tender & flavorful. Good, although a little chewy on the finish. Nice spice in the rub.
  • Spare Rib: Flavorful, but with a black coating of 'smoke'. Inside meat has rendered… it’s a bit greasy -- but good. Exterior is tough & a bit strong. Good rub.
  • Beans: Thick & Meaty; Nice job on the pintos!
  • Atmosphere: Harold has been doing this 20 years; All mesquite, using the indirect method; Mobile pit prominately displayed out front; Gas station/Convenience Store/BBQ; Fly strips hang from the ceiling inside
  • Hot Link: Harold sources this from Arkansas; no filler, no junk; Hot dog consistency. Nice spice, but not too hot. Harold says the longer you cook 'em, the hotter they become.
  • Sausage: Eckrich skinless sausage; Melts in your mouth. Good meaty flavor; Casing is black, but not tough… unique.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: