Mmmm... Barbecue

— Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

ssweeney's Review of Doziers Grocery

  • Sausage: This is a full-bodied, meaty sausage. Courser ground & medium packed. I like it, but the casing is tough.
  • Spare Rib: Have to gnaw to get it off the bone, but fat & meat have melted together... good. I like the rub - not too salty.
  • Quotable: 'Sausage is sausage, but brisket is not sausage.'
    -- Unknown
  • Atmosphere: Houston Press article + Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo BBQ Cookoff ribbons set high expectations. Pecan. I like the quaint grocery/bbq mix.
  • Brisket: Loose grained & fattier cut. Bursting with flavor. It's tender, but tough to pull apart. Once it goes into my mouth, that is all forgotten. Mmmm.
  • Sides: PS is creamy with more mayo than mustard. CS is chopped and creamy with a bit of vinegar. Beans are beefy pintos... good.
  • Sauce: Tomato based and soupy
Main Fare: 
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