Everybody should believe in something -- I believe I'll have another drink.

— W.C. Fields

ssweeney's Review of Granzin Bar-B-Q

  • Beans: Thin soup. Mushy beans. Hey... it was closing time, after all. Probably been cooking all day.
  • Spare Rib: Chewy.
  • Brisket: Nice seasoning. The salt plays well with the brisket. Pulls apart easily, and there is a mix of both fatty and lean. A little chewy.
  • Atmosphere: Take-out BBQ joint. We arrive just a few minutes before 8pm, and they initially refuse to take our order. When they finally agree to accept our order (thanks K-Dog), they indicate that they have run out of sausage for the day. Mrs. Granzin pulls up at closing time. We introduce ourselves and chat for a while... when she comes out again, they have found more sausage! Yea!
  • Hot Link: Softer casing, good sausage... with a nice spice. I like it!
  • Sausage: Hard casing, but good sausage!
  • Sauce: Thin sauce with plenty-o-vinegar. Has meat drippings added. Good for dipping.
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