I drink with impunity...or anyone else who invites me.

— W.C. Fields

ssweeney's Review of Joes Barbeque Co

  • Sauce: Sauce is bottled of some sort. It'll do for those that need it, but the meat here is good enough to stand alone.
  • Sides: PS is a standard, mustard-based style... but done well. Beans are beefy and good - with a hint of chili powder. CS is good; holds its own.
  • Spare Rib: A little chewy, but really good flavor. 'Wet Rib' has been mopped with sauce. It was work to get it all off the bone... but worth it.
  • Sausage: Black pepper evident in the appearance and taste. Good mix, but no spice. Casing 'pops', but is a little tough at times.
  • Brisket: Firm/Stand-up style brisket. Stays moist. Good smoke flavor & good balance with meat. I ate my slice 'all gone'!
  • Dessert: Great cherry cobbler!
  • Atmosphere: Its big... with alot of dead animals on the walls. 4:15 pm - 4th place of the day, and we caught them between mealtimes. Friendly people; small-town atmosphere. Fajita special on the sign out front???
  • Beef Rib: Good rib. The texture is a little stringy, but with good flavor.
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