Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.

— Robert Redford

ssweeney's Review of North Main Bar Bq

  • Pulled Pork: Excellent. Good consistency & texture. Moist and VERY tender.
  • Atmosphere: Down-home folks. Good focus on the 'Q. Great tour by Hubert Green (owner). We're not in East Texas anymore!
  • Spare Rib: Very mild rub, but not sweet. Fat is melted into the meat. Doesn't fall off the bone, but this is a good rib… must… stop… eating.
  • Brisket: Stands alone. Good flavor; nice marbled piece, but still lean. Not chewy on the finish, which seems unusual this year. We've seen a lot of 'stand-up' style brisket.
  • Sausage: Course ground; casing is a bit tough, but there's a lot of meaty flavor here. Greasy, but good.
  • Quotable: 'It's a new day… must be time for a rib!' -- Steve Sweeney
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