Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song.

— Jason Zebehazy

ssweeney's Review of Sammies Bar-B-Q

  • Loin Back Rib: Baby backs. Good color; nice crust. Good flavor & pulls off the bone, but a bit chewy.
  • Quotable: 'Y'all shouldn't be afraid of white trash food.' -- Jody Justus regarding the smoked bologna
  • Sauce: Sweet & smokey. Brown sugar & honey; liquid smoke; worchestershire; & some spice on the finish.
  • Bologna: It's a winner!!!
  • Quotable: 'There's something about table service and BBQ joints -- its just not right.' -- K-Dog
  • Sausage: There's some bone/cartilege in this… loosely packed; very soft, buttery texture
  • Atmosphere: Some general disappointment that Sammie's has been re-built from the 'old place'. Bar + BBQ Restaurant (separate areas). This would be a good place to hang out drinkin' schooners on the patio by the creek. Individual bowls of sauce. Really nice cluster of brick pits with a central 'inner-chamber'.
  • Brisket: Good flavor; very lean; good smoke ring. Seems a bit tough at first, but finishes OK.
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