BBQ is a taste memory. BBQ is a culture, not a concept. BBQ is friends, family & love.

— Mike Mills

Whole Hog Extravaganza and BBQ MBA Event 2013

ssweeney's Review of Williams Smoke House

  • Brisket: Firm & Lean. Nice blend of spices in the rub... brisket is very smokey. I can taste the hickory; nice smoke ring. A bit chewy on the finish.
  • Spare Rib: Very Smokey! Top flap is a bit chewy, though. Oh, but the rest is tender and beautiful! What a pleasant way to start the day.
  • Sausage: Made by a friend of Willie B's. Good stuff. Beefy, with a nice spice on the finish. Flecks of red pepper. Medium ground; nice casing... smokey.
  • Sides: PS is good. Mustard-based; Beans are also good; CS has a sweet & sour thing going on...
  • Sauce: Very nice. Goes well with both beef and pork. Liquid smoke doesn't cover, and it has a nice spice.
  • Atmosphere: Willie is a retired welder for GE. He was extremely gracious and hosted a tour of his place. New addition this year was a second structure (complete with new pits). Uses post oak with a bit o'honey for flavor/smell. He's passionate about traditional pit cooking... I'm impressed -- and ready to eat!
Main Fare: 
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