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— W.C. Fields

ssweeney's Review of Coleman’s Barbeque



Beef is firm & chewy, but with the bark left on.  Sausage is store-bought quality and consistency.  Tastes like a breakfast sausage... would be good with eggs! Hot Link has a texture similar to bologna.  Outside meat is red from casing dye.  It has a nice bit of heat.


This is a local joint that is doing a pretty good lunch business as we arrive.  Big "Ribs" sign painted on the front of the building... but when we get inside, there are no ribs today (apparently the 1st day back from owner's vacation).

I can feel the grease from the fried chicken hanging in the air.  Simple, down home decor - nothing fancy here.  Very friendly folks behind the counter.  Order at the counter, and then table service... then waiting on the order.


Tamale - Yum.  I like the meat to corn balance.  This is really good.
Dippin Sauce - Served hot with lots-o-meat-drippings.
BBQ Sauce - Sweet & Tangy.

Cole Slaw is a minced cabbage slaw with a thin sauce.
Potato Salad is 'mushed'.  Sweet up front, then tangy on the finish.
BBQ Beans - Soft pintos with the Dippin Sauce (mentioned above) added for flavor

Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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