Need no teef to eat my beef

— House Park Bar-B-Que

Sign, 900 w. 12th st., Austin, TX

ssweeney's Review of Jones Family Bar-B-Que



  • Rib - Color is nice. Pink all the way through, with a nice mahogany exterior. There is definitely a "funk" to the flavor of this meat... What is up with this? Some of the bark is quite tough.
  • Brisket - Has a black and oily crust... uh-oh.  For such a crust, the meat has a fairly thin smoke ring.  The texture is a firm, stand-up style slice of brisket. Somewhat chewy.
  • Sausage - Pretty good. Skin is a bit chewy, but I like the texture and spice better than most today.


  • Beef Stew - A unique side item. Good.
  • Potato Salad - Is of the mustard variety.  Pretty good.
  • Cole Slaw - Just OK.
  • Pintos - Nicely done.
  • Baked Beans - Fair.
  • Peach & Cherry Cobblers - Good.
  • Banana Pudding - OK.
  • Mixture of the Cherry Cobbler and Banana Pudding - Excellent! (This was a recommendation from the staff).


  • Large volume of wood in the parking lot is generally a good sign.
  • Inside there are tons of "knick-knacks" with floral table coverings... hmmm.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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