...saying that labor costs can be held down by not having it cooked slowly over a wood fire by a sullen man with a squint was like saying that a symphony orchestra would be cheaper without the violins.

— Calvin Trillin

Feeding a Yen

assman's Review of Dieter Brothers Restaurant


Main Fare:

  • Brisket - Horrible Kresote flavor
  • Ribs - leather chewy Kresote Ass
  • Sausage - Nice flavor
  • Hot Link - tough casing, nice flavor
  • Chopped Beef - chopped Kresote Ass meat

Other Fare:

  • BBQ Sauce - Smoke blend
  • Pinto Beans - Nice Seasoning and flavor
  • Potato Salad - Pickled, Mustard blend
  • German Potato Salad - tasted burnt and bitter
  • Cherry Cheese Struedal - Outstanding


  • Sign outside says "Try our new Pizza"???  Inside has green booths and chairs.  Looks like a 59 diner.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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