Smoke is mysterious, fire is uncertain, and pit men are expensive. So the mystery, uncertainty, and expense of taking the chance to make great barbecue is being replaced by the quantifiable methods of always making pretty good 'cue.

— Jim Shahin

Austin Chronicle

assman's Review of Scholl Brothers Bar Bq


Main Fare:

  • Brisket - little dry, not much flavor
  • Pittsburg Sausage - mushy, spicy link
  • Plain Sausage - Eckridge type mild sausage
  • Hot Link - Funky, Spicy flavor... not a fan of this one
  • Rib - Fall off the bone, very little smoke flavor however

Other Fare:

  • BBQ Sauce - Sweet molasses thick sauce, nice spices
  • Potato Casserole - nice flavor
  • Pinto Beans - bland
  • Green beans - standard whole beans
  • Mac & Cheese - standard Kraft
  • Slaw - crisp, nice fresh flavor
  • Potato Salad - Nice mustard, mayo mix
  • Pecan Pie - Bitter


  • Got there at 1pm and place was packed.  Tin Rusted Roof a nice BBQ standard. Chalkboard menu, dead animals mounted.  State Trooper said this is the place to go for Q.
  • "You need no teef to eat Scholl Bros Beef"
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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