Mmmm... Donuts

— Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

assman's Review of Scholl Brothers Bar Bq


Main Fare:

  • Brisket - little dry, not much flavor
  • Pittsburg Sausage - mushy, spicy link
  • Plain Sausage - Eckridge type mild sausage
  • Hot Link - Funky, Spicy flavor... not a fan of this one
  • Rib - Fall off the bone, very little smoke flavor however

Other Fare:

  • BBQ Sauce - Sweet molasses thick sauce, nice spices
  • Potato Casserole - nice flavor
  • Pinto Beans - bland
  • Green beans - standard whole beans
  • Mac & Cheese - standard Kraft
  • Slaw - crisp, nice fresh flavor
  • Potato Salad - Nice mustard, mayo mix
  • Pecan Pie - Bitter


  • Got there at 1pm and place was packed.  Tin Rusted Roof a nice BBQ standard. Chalkboard menu, dead animals mounted.  State Trooper said this is the place to go for Q.
  • "You need no teef to eat Scholl Bros Beef"
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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