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dbarrow's Review of Q Barbeque‎


Main Fare:

  • Ribs - fully rendered almost fall off the bone tenderness with a good balanced rub and marinade. These ribs are done to perfection but for my liking could use a bit more rub.
  • Pulled pork - nicely balanced between meat and sauce. Very nice!
  • Brisket - basically served like chopped beef covered in a light sauce. Nicely smoked and good flavor but I prefer my brisket stand up/sliced.

Other Fare:

  • Corn Pudding - OMG!
  • Greens - OMG!
  • Pineapple Hot Dish - OMG!
  • Banana Pudding - OMG!

Overall - biggest compliment I can give is now whenever I think of any of these 4 dishes I will be thinking of Q BBQ's!!!


This place has been commercialized and is ready for franchising. On a corner space of a strip mall. Has lots of marketing material with a cute logo and hats and shirts with funny sayings. Inside has a nice/open feel to it with the AC cranking - yay! Lots of huge competition Q trophies throughout the restaurant shows that someone here knows their stuff. That someone is Tuffy Stone and his right arm man who is a French trained professional chef. Together they know what they are doing. Qing is done on a Southern Pride which is visible from the dining area. Chef on site was extremely nice and great to talk to plus he knows his food and flavors.

Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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