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— Robert Redford

Smoke Daddy's Review of Q Barbeque‎


MAIN FAREBrisket, pork, corn pudding, and greensRibs and chicken

  • Spare Rib - Best texture so far.  Good exterior texture, and the meat inside is fully rendered. Not oily or juicy, but moist and good.  Delicious! 
  • Brisket - Although it is chopped and lightly sauced, the flavor of the beef comes shining through.  Actually, the application is more like a "dip" than a sauce, and just moistens and enhances the meat.
  • Pulled Pork - Nicely cooked.  Good meat and they are using a dip that enhances the flavor.  Just enough dip is used to moisten without making the meat wet.  Good balance.

OTHER FAREBanana pudding

  • Corn Pudding - Creamy and buttery.  Like the inside of a corn nugget, without the breading and deep frying. 
  • Greens - A mixture of collard and mustard greens, with vinegar and nuts.  Excellent.
  • Pineapple Hot Dish - Double-Boner says "pineapple bread pudding"... and that's not far off.
  • Banana Pudding - The best banana pudding I've ever eaten.  Period. End of story.  It is like a banana mousse with homemade nilla wafers and a yummy crust.

ATMOSPHEREMemphis in May Best Pork - Newest TrophyNapkin Holder

  • Strip center barbecue.  I am very skeptical when we first arrive. 
  • Everything is Uber-Branded inside the store, from the menu, t-shirts, gift cards, all the way to the napkin holders on each table.  Still skeptical.
  • Many of Tuffy's ribbons and trophies are on display.  Still skeptical.
  • Very nice folks here...  They engage us in conversation, ask us questions, and share what they do at Q.
  • The space inside is nice and comfortable.  Mixed layout with some bar-style seating, tables, and booths.
  • Two Southern Pride smokers are prominently displayed behind the service counter.

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Main Fare: 
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