There's no crying in barbecue 

— Wildman

@Laura and Emmies, 2005 Kansas City Tour

Smoke Daddy's Review of Ronnies Ribs


MAIN FAREAnother shot of the sampler

  • Spare Rib - Good.  Chunky bits come off together.  These are big ribs, and are not fully rendered on the meaty ends.
  • Brisket - Nice thick slices.  Good spice in the rub. Meat is tender any juicy, although a little "pot-roasty" due to being held warm.  Best sliced brisket we have found in Richmond.
  • Pulled Pork - North Carolina style. Served with a generous amount of dip.  The meat seems to need the dip, as I find some pieces seem a bit dry (even when wet).
  • All of the meats were pretty good... and I think they are all brined due to the penetration of flavors into the meat. (edit: More likely they were warmed, cooled, and re-heated.  With condensation on the meat when cooling, the salt-based rub penetrates much like a brine solution.)


  • Wings - Although not rated, the wings are outstanding. Get these!
  • Cole Slaw - Creamy, but has lost its crunch by the time we arrive around 2pm.
  • Beans - A doctored canned product.
  • Potato Salad - Good, but not extraordinary.


  • 10 x 10 pop-up canopy for the pitmaster and VIPs.  Ronnie is a nice fellow, and we talk a bit both before and duringRonnie and his pit our meal.
  • A concession trailer is setup for order taking. This is obviously a carry-out place, and some people eat in their cars.  However, there are a couple of tables with chairs setup for customers alongside the concession trailer.  It is hot and sunny out here today!
  • Using a Southern Yankee rotisserie pit in an empty parking lot next to the lawn mower shop.
  • Ronnie was the subject of a "Best Thing I Ever Ate" segment on Food Network, and says he was unprepared for the immediate jump in business that followed.

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