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dbarrow's Review of Cripple Creek BBQ

Main Fare:

  • Ribs - heavy creosote flavor and gray in color, this is an awful looking and tasting product 
  • Brisket - No flavor or rub to speak of, stand-up style brisket
  • Pulled Pork - decent flavor, small smoke ring
  • Pork Wing - this is the bomb, falls off the bone and pink all the way through. Black pepper spice rub but wish there was more of it.
  • Sausage - store bought Hillshires/Eckridge with heavy maple flavor, slightly tough casing
  • Hot Link - good heat but has an odd flavor - maybe tobacco, very tender

Other Fare:

  • Potato Salad - nice flavor with lots of pickels and mustard overtones
  • Cole Slaw - mushy finely shredded slaw with sugar and vinegar flavors
  • Beans - texas style pinto beans but not doctored up enough for my liking
  • Spicey Sauce - nice heat with heavy black pepper, this is the sauce to use here
  • Regular Sauce - KC masterpiece


  • Small smoking pit in front of the joint is a nice touch to bring in the drive-bys. Nice decorations with Texas pictures and cows/cowboys on the wall. Bill and Debbie are very friendly and accommodating and even picked up the tab. They've been in this location for just over 6 years. Seats 125 people and I like the multi-room layout including a smoking section.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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