Everybody should believe in something -- I believe I'll have another drink.

— W.C. Fields

bkarau's Review of Billys Old Fashion Barbecue‎

 Great blues tunes and a rambling shack on the hill.  Billy hits a live radio spot while we're in-store.  Salamander F's the meat by allowing them to sauce it.  Re-taste of the brisket is pretty rough.

Cooking on an offset with a number of problems, including draining the grease back into the fire.  

Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


Personally, the food is great

Personally, the food is great at this place. i've ate here many times and every meal i get here has been high quality. This man has been in business almost 30 years and i have never had a bad meal at this place of business. When you said that he has grease draining in the fire I feel as if thats a lie because he has a fire box for all of that. Overall this is the best barbeque place i have ever eaten from!

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